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3 Little Pigs

3 SwearPigs to help save - #WriteOn

We were recently asked about our elevator pitch for SwearPig.

Gulp! I had never been asked to sum up The Ultimate Swear Box Piggy Bank before.

So, whilst I was struggling with this, I enlisted the help of a good friend who makes his living in marketing and PR. He asked me what market research I had done to date and I explained that I had been to 14 shops asking if they would stock the Piggy Bank. I had had a good response but not really enough legitimate information to launch a high quality gift-ware product.

So, in a nut shell I am going back a stage to complete an in-depth market research project.

Here is a preview of the two photos that we will be using along with our in-depth market research questions.

SwearPig MR #1
Picture #1 for Market Research
SwearPig MR #2
Picture #2 for Market Research