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Keeping manufacturing in Derbyshire

Swear Pig - The Model Maker in Stoke on Trent
Swear Pig – The Model Maker Neil, in Stoke on Trent

I keep being told that people will buy our SwearPig but that we need to drive down the manufacturing costs!

The original model for SwearPig, side view.

With the UK manufacturing getting smaller and smaller, I thought it would be a great idea to try to keep some manufacturing in the UK and indeed Derbyshire. I may not add very much to the GDP of the country by doing this but imagine if all entrepreneurs did do it!

The original model for SwearPig, rear view.

I recently had a meeting with a local potter near to Belper, Derbyshire where I live. I had been speaking to some large pottery manufacturers in Stoke on Trent but wanted to try potters nearer to home.

And guess what?
He can make the SwearPig cheaper, or should that read “less expensive” ?  than a large manufacturer in Stoke on Trent! Yay for persistence! 🙂

In essence, the potter can’t do substantial numbers BUT I can at least get the ball rolling with a few bespoke designs. In that way I can tell if there is actually a market for SwearPig.

Keep manufacturing in Derbyshire
Ideas for your SwearPig

(Let’s hope so!)