Are you are looking for a brand new gift?

Do you enjoy design and art?

Maybe you are a piggy bank collector, on the look out out for something new and exciting?

Welcome to SwearPig!

The Original Swear Jar Piggy Bank.

Conceived, Designed and Hand Made in The East Midlands, UK.

Save with Attitude!

Initially created in 2008 in our kitchen somewhere in deepest darkest Derbyshire, we had a little pig that stood on a shelf.

 SwearPig - Original

We put some sellotape on this pig and started writing words that were to become taboo. If you said this word you needed to put money into the pig. Seemed simple enough at the time and we called our little pig SWEARPIG.

Sure we wrote swear words on the pig but what made it more amusing was when we involved the children and wrote things like “School” or “Christmas” and yes we made them put a few pennies into SwearPig! Hehehe…

Today SwearPig is a reality. Designed just for us and manufactured close to home, we are proud of where we’ve come.

SwearPig makes an ideal gift for any occassion and makes saving fun.

SwearPig is a trading name from Job Affair Ltd

If you would like to contact us, please use the Contact form below. Thank you.