Fancy owning a totally unique SwearPig?

  • Collectible Piggy Banks
    #PigginCoolPig. Limited Edition Piggy Banks

Simply choose the artist that you would like to paint your pig and use the contact form below to initialise your request.

Some of the artists who may be interested in painting your commissioned SwearPig are:

Commissions accepted
Painted by Jan Szymczuk
SwarezPig1 - SwearPig
Painted by Swarez Modern Art
Commissions accepted
Painted by Sharon Stone
SwearPig Commissions
Painted by Kathy Spall

2 thoughts on “Commissions

  1. How much do these cost? And how do you pay?

  2. Hi Anna
    Costs are various depending on which artist you choose.
    You will need to pay via an invoice which I will send you
    So…which artist would you like to commission your SwearPig?

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