Our first Charity Auction for Macmillan Cancer Support raised a staggering £1650.35


1st Charity Auction Results

Updated until the last auction on Tuesday 5th May 2015

SwearPig          Total            eBay     Macmillan %      Total

#PigginCoolPig     £291.23        £10.10   £291.23                 £1,650.35

#PigginWarmPig  £820.00       £28.08  £820.00                £1,359.12

#StellarPig            £71.00          £2.94      £64.80                 £539.12

#PartyPig               £31.55         £1.27      £20.70                  £474.32

#ArtyPig                £21.00         £0.91     £18.90                   £453.62

#RockBottomPig  £36.00         £1.71       £32.40                  £434.72

#ICEPig                 £21.00         £0.91       £18.90                 £402.32

#BCSPig                £43.00         £1.89        £38.70                £383.42

#HeartCottagePig £42.45        £1.64        £38.21                £344.72

#AbbiePig             £25.06          £1.05       £22.55                 £306.51

#HammiePig        £25.00          £1.05       £22.50                £283.96

#PinkyPig             £32.00          £1.29       £28.80                £261.46

#MuckyPig          £37.00           £1.69       £33.30                £232.66

#IoniaPig              £22.01           £0.95      £19.81                 £199.36

#PenguinPig         £45.00          £1.73      £40.50                 £179.55

#BarracudaPig     £12.50           £0.63     £11.25                  £139.05

#CatwomanPig    £25.00           £1.05       £22.50               £127.80

#ZebraPig            £58.00           £2.17     £52.20                  £105.30

#SummerPig       £18.00           £0.89     £16.20                  £53.10

#TigerPig            £41.00            £1.59     £36.90                  £36.90

UPDATE 27/03/15:

We have now either received the actual painted SwearPigs or confirmed via social media, that all launch SwearPigs have either been completed or will be completed very soon.

We have been asked to exhibit our limited edition charity launch SwearPigs in a local (Belper) gallery on April 11th 2015. So if you are in Belper on the day of the next Farmers Market come and say hello.

Stay in touch with us via our social media accounts to find our when the auctions will take place. Towards the end of April 2015

Here are a few examples of the numbered (20 only!) limited edition SwearPigs that will be auctioned to help raise much needed funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Commissions accepted
Painted by Jan Szymczuk
SwarezPig1 - SwearPig
Painted by Swarez Modern Art
Join us the the charity launch auction! #SPCL
Painted by Kathy Spall

As part of our imminent launch, I asked UK artists if they would like to paint one of our SwearPigs to be auctioned for charity. From a recent SwearPig Facebook Page Post  where I asked artists if they would like to get involved. I had a fantastic response, so good in fact that we can’t accept any more artists at the moment!

The charity that we have decided upon will be Macmillam Cancer Support.

SwearPig will be auctioning their launch Pigs with profits going to Macmillan
SwearPig will be auctioning their launch Pigs with profits going to Macmillan

Why Macmillam?

Well, in September 2012 my partner was diagnosed with a brain tumour. A glioblastoma multiforme level 4 to be precise. I quit my full-time job to become a carer. Over the past 2 years my partner has been through a lot. Major brain surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and more. She is currently having her third course of chemotherapy treatment. You can read a blog post about me first coming to terms with her brain tumour diagnosis here

Macmillan have been fantastic to me and my partner. They have supported us in so many ways; from support for us on the phone, to pamphlets to sorting out money issues. Thank you Macmillan!

Over the past two years I have had a little time on my hands and have been pursuing the idea of getting SwearPig off the ground. We are now getting to the stage of thinking we can actually make this real!

Latest update 03 August 2017

I am sorry to let you know that my partner lost her fight with cancer. Suzy passed away on November 15th 2015.