Our Pigs

We’ve all heard about the NatWest Piggy Banks of the 1970’s haven’t we? Well, it’s time to move on!

Swearpig is a patented design No 4039585

SwearPig is a Ceramic Piggy Bank which is produced using top quality slip making a strong earthenware foundation. An off white glaze comes with #OriginalPig and it is then fired again making for a high gloss shiny finish. Our unique cork stopper is sourced from sustainable Cork Oak forests in Portugal where the cork is harvested once every 9 years.

Cork Stopper - SwearPig

OriginalPig – Our Original Piggy Bank. Finished in an off-white glaze, this ceramic piggy bank is hand crafted in Derbyshire.

We have a range of piggy banks to suit different tastes and indeed budgets.

SwearPig stands at 12.5cm height x 17cm long x 11cm wide. It weighs 425 grams net and approx 600 grams when packed. It is delivered in a customised sized box with packaging material ready to be posted.

We have filmed the processes in the making of SwearPigs, please have a look.

1. Pouring of the slip.

2. Removing the pig from the mould.

3. Creating our coin slot.

4. Fettling a SwearPig.

5. How to diddle a swearpig.

6. Dipping into glaze

Please note that due to the way our SwearPigs are hand crafted there may be slight imperfections!

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