A great gift for any occasion! There’s always someone you have difficulty buying for. We’ve changed that. You can now purchase a unique one-off collectable gift for any occasion and for anyone.

A recent addition to our SwearPig family. We have pleasure in introducing you to #GloucesterOldSpotPig. Some of you may already have a #SaddlebackPig from us in your collection as he is proving extremely popular. You may want to add to your collection?

Start your collection with #GloucesterOldSpotPig. Your collectable #GloucesterOldSpotPig will bring you hours of joy. We may re-create #GloucesterOldSpotPig but no two will ever be the same. Slot in the top for coins and removable unique Oak Cork Stopper for a nose.

Brand new to the UK market! Ceramic #GloucesterOldSpotPig SwearPig.

Collectable Piggy Banks, Money Boxes, Swear Jars and SwearPigs.

Please note that due to the hand crafted and handpainted nature of our products you may find slight imperfections. Not big ones, slight! 🙂

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


SwearPig #GloucesterOldSpotPig is a unique collectable piggy bank hand painted by Daisy Cuffley.

Let’s face it! There are only a couple of well known British pigs and the Gloucester Old Spot is one of them. We’re slowly adding to our range of well known British Pigs.

Daisy has lovingly hand painted #GloucesterOldSpotPig with artistic flair and interpretation. A very good job too!

Our unique cork stopper is sourced from sustainable Cork Oak forests in Portugal where the cork is harvested once every 9 years.

Additional information

Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 17 x 11 x 12.5 cm


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